Sweet Dreams

A surprisingly good mix of vocals and lyrics.

Dream is a girl-band which is surprisingly good, with hip-hop drum beats predominant in most of their tracks, while some others are slower numbers with peppy music. The general feel of the album is a mix of good vocals, lots of instrumental music via their interludes, and some meaningful lyrics.

The album has a good mix of a variety of styles and songs. An emotional number, "Pain", captures the mood in rhythmic melody and soft beats with the piano adding to its charm; humour makes an appearance in the track "Mr. Telephone Man", which is sung in a cheerful and comical way; and "Do You Wanna Dance" is a foot-stomper for the dance floor. Worth picking up if you're a teeny-bopper, or simply like listening to pop music as you drive to work.

This article was first published on23 May 2001.