Ask And Ye Shall Have...

A bouncy collection of remixes and golden oldies.

After weeks of compilation albums with nary a hint of originality, "Just Request" comes as a pleasant surprise; a bouncy collection of remixes and golden oldies, it's great for the car stereo or even a not-so-quiet evening with friends.

The album starts off with a rapid-fire remix of Santana's "Maria Maria", segueing quickly (and somewhat curiously) into the slower "Words", by Anja. Robert Miles' version of "Children", Dr. Alban's "Look Who's Talking" and No Mercy's rendition of "Missing" are all well put-together cuts, although the prize cut has to be Mad Boris' mix of Christina Aguilera's "Genie In A Bottle". A number of medleys are included, most notably by Boney M and a Giorgio Moroder remix of a Gloria Gaynor track, and the album is wrapped up with cuts by Modern Talking, La Bouche, Five and Westlife. All in all, a good compilation, and well worth the price!

This article was first published on25 Jul 2001.