A Little Bit Of Thought...

A failed attempt to combine old mambo with modern dance.

Lou is back, and it doesn't get any 'Bega' than that, does it? Unfortunately, his much acclaimed mambo legacy doesn't really continue into this album score, and the latter is both disappointing and over-hyped.

The track list is mostly uneventful and couldn't be a more horrific blend of old mambo and dance genres. Bega deliberately takes the listener apart with his idealistic approach to women and his dull uni-dimensional sounds.

The dubious "God Is A Woman" represents a faint outline of a dance ballad and is probably a first for Bega, who doesn't seem to have pulled it off successfully. "Just a Gigolo" is a vaguely enjoyable track and follows a completely different note from that of its counterparts. Yet, the latter is an exception and the majority of the playlist constitutes tracks like "Club Elitarie", "Money" and "You Are My Sunshine", all of which hold no real value for the listener.

This article was first published on04 Jul 2001.