Dancing To Lara's Tune

A hot new singer proves that she's more than a pretty face.

Lara Fabian is a beautiful and talented singer who originally hails from Belgium. And in this, her first English album, she shows what got her fourth place in the Eurovision contest (at age 18).

The album is a winner right from the start, thanks to her phenomenal voice. With overtones of singers like Mariah Carey, Lara powers her way through the songs while still retaining enough tenderness to sound really sensitive.

Right from "I Am Who I Am", she shows us what she's capable of. She gives more of the same on numbers like "I Will Love Again", "Part Of Me" and the delicate "Broken Vow". The lyrics are on the hurting side, but that's all that modern songwriters seem to churn out anyway. If you keep that aside, then it's fine.

For a change, an artiste does not have to rely on gimmicks or costumes to sell, but can do so on her own strength. Lara Fabian is definitely going to shoot up the charts.

This article was first published on30 Aug 2000.