Rhythm Of The Latino

Cover versions of the best Latin pop.

The reign of the compilations continues but for once, the complaints are few and far between. With this album, all those fond memories of beach parties come rushing back.

The album is full of cover versions of the best of Latin pop music through the decades. The numbers featured here don't throw up any surprises, but are enough for the normal layman.

The old favourites surface in the form of "La Bamba"(Gypsy Kings), "Rhythm Of The Night" (Gloria Estefan), "Black Magic Woman" and "She's The One" (Santana). Besides these, there are a bunch of others which you've probably been listening to since you were eight. All of them have one thing in common, though - they all make for a lively evening and no one who's listening to them can remain seated for too long.

This article was first published on18 Oct 2000.