Shooting Straight From The Heart

A sentimental, romantic album by a fine country artist.

Hmm...Nice. Smooth and clear. And no, this isn't an ad for shampoo, but words to describe Gill's pristine voice that makes you want to slip off those shoes, shrug off that coat, loosen that tie and start tapping in tune to the fast tracks or just relaxing in the rhythm of the slow ones.

All country music fans, now's the time to get hold of this album and give it at least one listen.

"One", "Shoot Straight From Your Heart" and "For The Last Time" have great tunes. The title track is slow and tender and it's fun when the guitar and drums pick up in "Feels Like Love" and "Baby Please Don't Go" or when the mouth organ pipes up in "Little Things".

The duets with Amy Grant - "When I Look Into Your Heart" and "Look What Love's Revealing" - have meaningful lyrics. "That Friend Of Mine" is a saccharine sweet love song sung by Gill for Grant, his "lifelong companion". The flavour of the album is sentiment and romance - all conveyed in a country-pop style.

The collection is capped by "Hey God" in which Gill has a heart to heart with God while an unobtrusive guitar and a mouth organ form the accompaniment.

This article was first published on06 Nov 2000.