Different Strokes

Catchy, playful lyrics and strong fundamentals make this album shine.

LFO (like those other anarchists, Blink-182) have always done their best not to be slotted into the boy-band category. They've accomplished this with sharp lyrics, edgy videos and a lean, mean image - and their latest, "Life Is Good", seems set to make the distinction even more obvious.

The first cut, a delightfully-playful riff on teenage romance titled "Every Other Time", mixes clever lyrics with a fast, tangy beat; it's sure to be one of the sharpest singles of the year. It's followed by the offbeat "6 Days" and the somewhat-melancholy "Erase Her", both of which showcase the group's writing and vocal prowess.

Mixing streetwise lyrics with an interesting blend of soft rock, mellow harmonies, rap and hip-hop, "Life Is Good" succeeds primarily because it doesn't take itself too seriously - precisely what makes it different from the numerous other boy bands vying for your attention. Check this one out!

This article was first published on05 Oct 2001.