Party In The Park

Sheryl Crow's performing in Central Park - and she's brought a few friends along as well.

Feel the excitement ripple through the air. Squeal and whistle with rock fans chock-a-block at Central Park. The Big Apple is all fired up because it's Sheryl Crow night. Hear her voice - uncut, unmixed - hear her live.

Sheryl Crow, a popular rock and roll artist hit the music world seven years ago with "Tuesday Night Music Club" and made several people sit up with her hit single "All I Wanna Do".

This particular album is a recording of her concert in New York. It contains all her best hits - "Everyday Is A Winding Road"; "Leaving Las Vegas"; "Strong Enough", sung with her friends, the Dixie Chicks; "A Change Would Do You Good"; "Gold Dust Woman", sung with Stevie Nicks; "If It Makes You Happy", sung with Chrissie Hynde; the all famous "All I Wanna Do"; "The Difficult Kind", sung in collaboration with country star Sarah Mclachlan and "White Room", performed with close pal Eric Clapton. The concert closes with "Tombstone Blues", (originally sung by Bob Dylan), which is performed by all the artists together, as a grand finale. Guitars, fiddles, the banjo, a harmonica, a violin, cello, percussion and Crow's low, rich, funky voice merge to create a great atmosphere.

The audience whoops, claps and sings along with her as she croons, talks to, and thoroughly entertains them. The Queen of Rock and Roll can give a if for some reason you weren't at Central Park when she was, here's your chance to catch up on what went down.

This article was first published on05 Sep 2000.