I Am Man, Hear Me...Sing?

Fourteen tracks by the best male solo artists in the industry.

All the fourteen songs have an appeal. Sung by the very best of male solo singers in the music industry - Chris De Burgh, Eric Clapton, Lionel Richie, Richie Sambora, Santana, Mark Knopfler, Billy Ray Cyrus and Eagle Eye Cherry, to name a few - these are the songs that kids of the eighties and the early nineties have grown up with.

A mix of rock and pop, retaining their tunefulness and rhythm, these unforgettable tracks transport us to the last decades of a bygone century, quite literally. These men, when they first released these tracks, cheered us up, improved a rotten day, put a smile on our faces and a step in our toes - and thanks to Universal, they are here to do it again.

Admittedly, the album has great nostalgic value for some, but timeless tracks such as "Willie And The Hand Jive", "Missing You", "Higher Love", "Storm In The Heartland", "Falling In Love Again" and "La De Da" don't require a past of any kind to recommend them.

This article was first published on03 Jul 2000.