I Will Not Disappear

A great collection of hard rock numbers.

There was a lot expected from the soundtrack of the movie sequel, especially after the superb theme from the original blew away all the charts. Thankfully, the album does not fail.

The main trend of the album is a lively, hard-rock, metal-rap kind of music. But in between there are a few numbers that soften the tone. Of worthy mention are Rob Zombie's "Scum of the Earth", Foo Fighters and Brian May's "Have A Cigar" and Metallica's "I Will Disappear". Zap Mama's "Iko-Iko" is also good, but for our money there are only two outstanding numbers. First, there is the evergreen (or is that red?) Tori Amos with a typically scintillating "Carnival". But even that is overshadowed by the main theme song, which is a brilliant reworking of the original by Limp Bizkit. This song is totally blown and guaranteed to rock any joint down.

The album has a few ups and downs, but just the presence of the title cut should be enough to make you buy a copy.

This article was first published on27 Sep 2000.