A Pink Pill

Attitude has never sounded so good.

If you thought Gwen Stefani leaked attitude through her blonde locks and fishnet bra, this gal with a namesake mane burns like timbre. Her previous album "Can’t Take Me Home" was a salute to a new founded brazen style in song, but this one is definitely a winner. She’s grown up and tempered down. Still her brash sexy self, she’s skirted the music rim to include the slow and the furious.

The opening "Missundaztood" is high, like "Get The Party Started" and "Eventually", which are up-tempo tracks that foam with fun. Her self-demoting "Don’t Let Me Get Me" only brings her closer home, while she skids into rap territory with "RESPECT" - not too bad, this number!

But it’s when Pink turns purple and pensive that you begin to appreciate the diversity of her vocal colour. "Just Like A Pill" is a fantastic slow number that won’t leave your cranium in a hurry; "Family Portrait" tells her own story, while "My Vietnam" follows in similar vein. "Gone to California" sketches images of yellow suns and rising vapour and is akin to a cocaine shot in the arm.

This article was first published on24 May 2002.