Hitting The Charts

Music by multi-award-winning pop personalities.

Find a star and follow it. That's precisely what this album offers - the playlist is (at first glance) an overlapping collection of personalities and artists, from Toni Braxton to Modern Talking and other star spangled, multi award winning, pop personalities. It's been stated before, but there's always a misplaced sense of efficiency in repetition, because you just can't go wrong with MTV!

Normally, the order of the day would be to kick off the album with a punchy rock outfit, but "MTV Hit Singles" softens you up with Westlife's "Flying Without Wings" and Toni Braxton's hit "He Wasn't Man Enough" before they get to the really heavy stuff. The list also includes a couple of local attractions from Mehnaz, Anaida's "Black Is Black" and Sukhbir, who packs in the "bhangra" punch as he starts the countdown rolling with "Ishq". Other artists include Vertical Horizon ("You're A God"), Fool's Garden ("Suzy"), and Pink ("Can't Take Me Home"), making this a good compilation for the car or next house party.

This article was first published on20 Jun 2001.