In Train We Trust

Excellent melodies, great music and decent lyrics make this a must-buy for rock fans.

Following the success of "Drops of Jupiter", Train returns with yet another successful album, titled "My Private Nation". Brilliantly produced, with some excellent melodies, great music and decent lyrics, this album proves to be a very mature effort for all rock fans.

Opening with the smash hit "Calling All Angels", the song delivers a soothing assortment of musical melody and lyrics. In my opinion, it packs a good punch, and is an ideal listen for just about anybody. The next song, "All American Girl", does contain traces of a very clich├ęd theme but nonetheless manages to do its job. Other songs worth a mention are the catchy and meaningful "Save the Day", and the mushy and lyrically simple, yet appealing, "Lincoln Avenue".

"My Private Nation" offers an assortment of melodic music, simple harmonies, great backing music and vocals, and decent lyrics. This album is definitely worth a buy, especially for rock lovers.

This article was first published on18 Jan 2004.