Fade To Black

A predictable and disappointing "tribute" album.

The sequel to the Black Sabbath tribute known as "The Nativity Series" is here. Unfortunately like most ill-timed sequels, "Nativity In Black 2" is predictable and disappointing.

This time, Godsmack, System Of A Down, and Busta Rhymes pay homage to the Sabbath boys. Megadeth and Ozzy Ozbourne make their comeback as well, though the formers rendition of "Never Say Die" is monotonous and inconclusive.

There are a few tracks that do leave an impact and are worth mentioning. Godsmack's version of "Sweet Leaf" leaves you breathless, and Ozzy/Primus' version of "Nativity In Black" showcases Les Claypool's mastery over the bass runs. However, the award for the superlative track would definitely go to Max Cavaleras' new outfit, Soulfly, for their rendition of the Sabbath classic "Under the Sun". The listener gets a strange feeling of déjà vu and the track has the classic Sepultura adaptation coupled with Max's amazing voice.

Unfortunately, this is where the gravy train ends, and the rest of the 'tributes' pale in comparison to the album's predecessor. The artists seem to have adapted most of the covers to their own unique styles and personas. This experiment hasn't worked at all, and we're left with a damp squib.

This article was first published on14 Dec 2000.