Send Me An Angel

A bewitching mix of electronica and haunting vocals.

You've probably already heard Dido on the radio without realizing who it was - the song "Thank You", sampled by Eminem for the single "Stan", is actually one of hers. A bewitching mix of electronica and haunting vocals, "Thank You" is just one of the many excellent cuts on Dido's latest album, "No Angel".

The opening cut, "Here With Me", melds guitar and synthesized sounds with husky lyrics to create a truly unique track, one which will leave you hungering for more. And more you'll get - from the love story played out in "Isobel" to the dark solitude of "My Lover's Gone", the independence of "My Life" to the lacerating self-critique in "I'm No Angel", "No Angel" showcases an artist at the peak of her powers. Backed by expert production and cuts that grow on you, this is not one to miss!

This article was first published on18 Apr 2001.