Buy! Buy! Buy!

N-Sync's debut album is a happy mix of slow numbers and zippy hits.

A few statistics.

The album is #1 in every U.S. sales market.

The album is #1 in Canada. The single "Bye,Bye,Bye" has been a #1 chart single in Canada for 5 consecutive weeks.

The album sold 1 million copies in a single day in the U.S.

Right. The last time they checked, most of the people living in India were surprisingly not Canadians or Americans, but rather Indians.

So, going by our tastes, this is what the album is worth:

The band definitely has its own style and tastes. It favours deep bass and heavy drums with varying vocals. Several singles in this album are worth a listen - "Space Cowboy", "Digital Get Down", which is very techno-savvy in its approach, and the title song itself, "No Strings Attached". There are a couple of slow songs that're quite tolerable.

This group has a good collective voice which produces entertaining music, that makes no demands on the intellect. I'd say switch on this music when you're steeped in mindless, boring tasks like settling the accounts, cutting vegetables or cleaning the apartment.

This article was first published on01 May 2000.