Frankie Says Relax!

Macy Gray's album is all about taking life easy.

Her rich, distinctive voice and her funky approach to music makes this songstress easily distinguishable.

She's different without making an issue of it and goes about doing her own thing quite confidently in her album "On How Life Is".

All of the lyrics are written by her and run in a very endearing "don't care, will get there someday" attitude. The pace of all her songs is relaxed and they move to new beats that're rhythmic and uncrowded.

Among her notable tracks, "Do Something" is an inspirational one, urging us to make a life for ourselves and take that decision that's keeping us from our different idylls. "I've Committed Murder" is a naughty, funny one about a woman who kills her boyfriend's employer, and "The Letter" talks about a woman, who fatigued with life's trials eventually gives up on it. "I Try", the video to which has done the rounds on music channels is lilting and hummable.

Her music grows on you and is the kind that stays in your head long after it has stopped playing.

This article was first published on12 Jun 2000.