The End Of The Line

Very average. Will Celine go on?

With hits like "My Heart Will Go on" and her Peabo Bryson collaboration on "Beauty and the Beast", the talented Celine has proved herself as one of the better female voices of this generation. Although I have frankly never been a Dion fan, I have always respected her vocal talents. However, with her latest release, "One Heart", I was left quite disappointed. With this album, she attempts a more danceable album, which somehow does little justice to her otherwise magnificent voice.

The album opens with "I Drove All Night", a very average dance track, which leaves one with little or no space to admire her vocals. Filled with fast dance beats, the song does not capture the intensity her vocals are noted for. This then goes on into "Love is All We Need", which expects you to sit back and enjoy the majesty that is her voice, merged into an array of romantic rhythms. The rest of the album pretty much follows the same lines, and delivers bland overdone music which does very little justice to her vocal talent.

On the whole, the album left me quite disappointed. In my opinion, Celine's voice is suited for a typical genre, and deserves recognition for it. Sadly, that cannot be seen in her latest venture, and the music could have been worked on much more to capture the intensity of her singing. Catering solely to the dance crowd, this album definitely does not deserve an accolade.

This article was first published on04 Oct 2003.