Back At One

A collection of twenty-seven Beatles classics.

Before the dawn of the musical revolution of the twentieth century, the Beatles cut albums and tracks that changed the face of rock and roll. The new release, titled "One", is a classic compilation of all the #1 tracks that were sprawled all over the US and UK charts from the 1960s onwards.

Virgin Records have meticulously pieced together twenty-seven classic, digitally re-mastered tracks in an album that's sure to entertain and enthrall your senses (and your Dad's, too!)

Kickstarting with "Love Me Do" and "I Wanna Hold Your Hand", the album also features cult hits like "Lady Madonna" and "Help". Other classic tracks include "Penny Lane", "Can't Buy Me Love", "I Want To Hold Your Hand", and two of my all-time favourites, "Hey Jude" and "A Hard Day's Night".

"One" successfully travels the road traversed by The Beatles oh-so-many years ago, charting their progress from soft pop to more adult lyrics, and is a wonderful illustration of the talents of McCartney and Lennon, two of the greatest songwriters of all time. And after all that, if you still require a reason to check this album out, you could consider it a tribute to the band and the musical barriers they successfully crossed in the early days of pop.

This article was first published on06 Feb 2001.