Dance Like A German

A well-mixed album which should find favour with trance fans.

Calling all you trance fans: this is an album meant especially for you. Paul van Dyk, the famous German DJ and rave master, delights with his latest album, "Out There And Back".

Mixed extremely well, this album is a winner. Amidst the pulsating music, every track has a unique feel to it, although I particularly liked the cut called "Tell Me Why (The Riddle)", featuring St. Etienne, and the title track "Out There And Back".

Through "Travelling", you literally experience an entire plane journey, right from the take off to the landing; "Ibiza" has a warm feel to it and "Face To Face" is almost like experiencing a dream. Written with his wife Natascha, "Together We Will Conquer" is almost slow and sentimental. Taken together, all the tracks are excellent, and definitely an asset to your collection.

This article was first published on18 Oct 2000.