Keeping The Faith

Faithless gets a new lease of life with some funky new beats...and Dido's vocal prowess.

One of the better dance acts around, Faithless is known both for its electronica-inspired beats and its creative use of lyrics and synthesized effects. Both these are in evidence on "Outrospective", together with the talents of Maxi Jazz and British sensation Dido.

"Outrospective" offers much I've seen before, some of it on previous Faithless albums - the frequently-annoying synthesizer, mixed in with rap and techno; the sometimes-sweet, sometimes-sour lyrics; the strange duet between melancholy and speed; and the addictively-freaky tunes. Among the gems are the dark and somber "Not Enuff Love", the fast-paced "We Come 1", and the lyrical "Crazy English Summer". The album's highlight, though, has to be "One Step Too Far", a cut which rises above the rest solely on the strength of Dido's vocal prowess. For that alone, if for nothing else, "Outrospective" is worth a look.

This article was first published on05 Oct 2001.