An album which makes little effort to be original.

Sisqo is regarded as one of the rising stars of this particular genre and this album, though not brilliant, gives enough indication that he can definitely become a big draw.

Most of the songs are fast-paced, with a little over-reliance on backup vocals. Unfortunately, there’s very little in the way of variation and experimentation. Most of the songs sound like each other and very few of the lyrics are memorable. The best piece is his duet with Dru Hill, "Without You", a lovely piece of rhythm set to truly good music. "Last Night" is another good piece, all quickfire beats and snappy lyrics, much like a Shaggy number.

After that, it’s standard fare - all despairing love songs and wailing; the best examples of this type are "Homewrecker" and "Close Your Eyes". "Can I Live" could have been a big hit with a little care about the music arrangement; as it stands, it’s fated to be relegated to a couple of weeks on the charts.

The songs are decent, but no great shakes. However, there’s a lot to be expected from this kid...if he bothers to experiment a little.

This article was first published on 08 Oct 2001.