An enjoyable sequel to Keating's career with Boyzone.

After his undisputed success with Boyzone, Ronan Keating has subsequently tried his luck as a solo player for the first time with his brand new album, "Ronan".

Revving up the decibels up to an almost unpredictable level, the album kicks off with the acclaimed "Life Is A Rollercoaster". This punchy track symbolizes a mere shred of the content, and the rest of the playlist follows closely on the same lines.

"If You Love Me" is a heart-warming verse and firmly establishes the fact that Ronan Keating hasn't experimented beyond his roots. The soothing piece titled "The Way You Make Me Feel" accounts for the calmer side to the album, but isn't entirely novel in its structure either.

Aside from its mediocre approach, all thirteen tracks form an enjoyable sequel to corroborate Keating's career as a singer and musician over the past few years and would make a sound addition to your personal collection.

This article was first published on28 Feb 2001.