Real Sugar

Energetic beats and catchy guitar riffs make Roxette's latest a winner.

Every since bursting onto the international pop scene in the late 80s with their debut album, "Look Sharp", Per Gessle and Marie Fredrikkson have been churning out catchy melodies. Their latest effort, "Room Service", is without a doubt one of their better collaborations, containing some truly hummable cuts.

The album starts off with the very peppy, "Real Sugar", a song which throbs with energetic beats and catchy guitar riffs. This is followed by the equally-catchy, "The Center Of The Heart (Is A Suburb Of The Brain)", which is already doing the rounds on the music channels, and "Make My Head Go Pop", a bubble-gum-pop number with high-speed vocals, hard guitar riffs, and synthesized accompaniment.

"Little Girl" and "Looking For Jane" are up-tempo ballads, while "It Takes You No Time To Get Here" is a slow ballad with intelligent lyrics and a great vocal performance. Finally, "Milk And Toast And Honey", my personal favourite, is a soothing interlude about lost love and new hope, and constitutes one of the jewels in this collection.

This article was first published on28 May 2001.