Alien Invasion

Who knew aliens could groove like this?

There are aliens on home ground. And they’re making music that’s fairly uncommon to this largely pop and rock-bred public.

"Roswell", the sci-fi series about three out-of-this-world teens, has music that’s pretty representative of the arcane and esoteric content of the TV show.

Essentially alternative rock, the album features stuff from Coldplay ("Brothers and Sisters"), Travis ("More Than Us"), Stereophonics ("Have A Nice Day") and bands of similar mettle. Where Dido begins with her ephemeral "Here With Me", Sarah McLachlan takes it to higher planes with "Fear".

The music is moody, like gravy for the soul. Don’t expect high-octane electrica, as the hollow euphony of an acoustic guitar is the overriding grammar. "Blackbird", by Doves, is worth watching out for; where vocals and guitar reign. Stereophonics ("Have A Nice Day"), Ivy ("Edge of The Ocean") and Ash ("Shining Light") are among the best, with music that is individual, yet of parallel genealogy. Knowing no dose of Dido is enough, the album also includes an extra mix of "Here With Me".

"Roswell" is a good buy. Good for deep contemplation, or simply deep!

This article was first published on01 Aug 2002.