Sultan Of Swing

A unique display of rhythm and style.

Mark Knopfler means business...and after over two lonely decades at the top, this axe-grinder has seemingly done it again. His signature velvet tone and smooth riffing are once again rippling through the UK billboard charts with "Sailing to Philadelphia".

Ever since his first solo album back in 1996, this Sultan of Swing has consistently treated the world to delicious morsels of own unique blend of rhythm and blues. Truly palatable tracks like "Sailing to Philadelphia" and "Who's Your Baby Now" testify to the fact that this living legend just keeps getting better. "Junkie Doll" represents the old Knopfler, with an interesting mandolin rendition by Mike Henderson.

The album's mellow structure is the most fascinating part, and it retains its heart warming feel through all eleven tracks.

This article was first published on28 Feb 2001.