The Shrek Experience

A monster of an album. Pun definitely intended.

Boy, is this film going to be boosted by its soundtrack! Peppy, noisy, and haunting, it’s got it all.

The album has an amazing number of good songs. A lot of these are typical lively numbers, like "Stay Home" (Self), "Best Years Of Our Life" (Baha Men) and "Bad Reputation" (Halfcocked). The lyrics of a lot of the songs are quite good and catchy, the best example being the bittersweet "I’m a Believer" (Smash Mouth).

The album is well balanced by the tender numbers, notably a good cover version of "You Belong To Me" (Jason Wade), the song made famous by Vonda Shepherd for "Ally McBeal". But the most haunting piece in the whole album has to be "Hallelujah" (Rufus Wainwright), with a simplistic score and cutting words.

The album is more than worth the money you’ll pay for it; it's one of those few collections in which nearly all the songs are winners. Trust me, you’re going to listen to this again and again and again and...

This article was first published on 20 Sep 2001.