Soft And Sweet

Music to get you mushy.

With a title like that, this album had better be something special - and, as it turns out, it is. "Simply The Best Love Songs" kicks off with Mariah Carey crooning "Without You", and segues right into Robbie Williams' "Angel" - a perfect combination if ever there was one. Right after that is Celine Dion, followed by Babyface, Spandau Ballet and Genesis, all of them with the kind of music that will get you mellow.

On the flip side, Vonda Sheperd and Robert Downey Jr. duet on "Chances Are", Bonnie Tyler sings about a "Total Eclipse Of The Heart" (incidentally, one of my favourite songs) and Tina Turner adds a little attitude by asking "What's Love Got To Do With It?" Other notables include Cliff Richard, George Michael and Jennifer Lopez, all combining to create a world-class album. Don't miss out on this one!

This article was first published on14 Feb 2002.