Primed For Success

A boy band that's a little...different.

Somehow, one is led to believe that this group just might click.

One probable reason why Christian, Steve and Mark's musical endeavours would succeed in today's competitive market is because they, as a group, are a novelty. Then they draw a second look because they are different and here's how. They are less than five in number, as compared to the rest of the groups in and around their age - Backstreet Boys, Boyzone, N'Sync, Five and Westlife, to name a few. They do break the monotony.

Besides this one very strong point in their favour, it must be said that they sing well. The trio's voices blend and merge to create a rather pleasant listening experience.

The two notables in this album are "Back Here" and "Still On Your Side", as well as their version of "More Than Words". "Next Time", "Can't Say", and the title song "Sooner or Later" are worth a mention too. The first is hummable and the last has interesting lyrics. The guitar, especially, livens up most of their tracks.

This collection would definitely qualify as car-music.

This article was first published on24 May 2000.