An Affair To Forget

Nonsense lyrics and a monotonous beat make this album one to avoid.

This collection is, at best, fair. Passion Fruit has two star songs in this, their debut album, namely "The Rigga-Ding-Dong Song", with infectious whistles, Spanish guitar and dance beat, and "Passion Gang", which has a relaxed, swaying rhythm. "Shine On" and "Do You Remember" are slower and two of the more tolerable tracks of the collection.

One of the reasons why the group is not successful is that it sounds raw and unpractised. Its style needs to acquire some maturity and polish. The drums to most of the tracks are monotonous, with little or no variety and almost all the tracks have nonsense lyrics like "doobe doobe da", "rigga ding dong" or "licky licky". However, for music to fill an informally gathered, crowded hall, this album would be a good pick.

This article was first published on14 Dec 2000.