Spinning Around

A wide array of musicians add lustre to this compilation.

This time they’ve really got the competition canned - "Spin" is about eighteen of the biggest tracks from platinum-plated artists worldwide. From Sting and Eminem to U2 and Ronan Keating, this album covers a wide array of venerable (and not-so-venerable) musicians.

Bad-boy rapper Eminem heads the guest list with "The Real Slim Shady", while Hanson covers the other side of the spectrum with their socially approved single, "This Time Around". Mark Knopfler’s "What It Is" represents a juicy morsel of his latest album and sets your plate for Sonique who follows through with her dance hit "Sky". Shaft hands you the goods with their power remix of "Mambo Italiano", which never ceases to amaze with its crisp and invigorating vocals.

A good mix of old and new, this is one worth picking up for your home or car stereo.

This article was first published on02 May 2001.