Giants Without A Cause

An album whose appeal will be limited to Oasis fans only.

Oasis are the people to listen to if you're into the alternative music scene - and if you're a die-hard Oasis fan, this is the album for you. "...Giants" is less clotted and harsh than "Be Here Now", and allows Noel Gallagher's melodies and his brother Liam's bray to truly come into their own [just in case you weren't aware of this fact - they're now the only original band members left].

The second-hand feel of most Oasis songs is now joined by another troublesome trend - an album formula that's quickly wearing out its welcome. As on prior albums, "...Giants" has rock ["Put Yer Money Where Yer Mouth Is" is particularly good!], ballads and catchy tunes ["Gas Panic!", "Go Let It Out!"], although some of the tracks definitely suffer from a lack of creativity in their lyrics. Also included: Liam Gallagher's ode to his adopted son, "Little James".

Definitely better than the forgettable "Be Here Now" - but sadly, it's appeal will still be limited to Oasis fans only.

This article was first published on29 Mar 2000.