Not Just Jane

Hard-hitting guitar riffs, bass lines and drum rolls. Welcome back, headbangers!

In a time of artificially produced and processed music, rock with actual instrument talent needs a revival, and Jane's Addiction serves as the perfect wake-up call. Making a much-needed comeback after thirteen years, the band once again proves its worth by belting out an album filled with hard-hitting guitar riffs, bass lines and drum rolls, and - above all - the revival of the guitar solo, the rock that was.

The album opens with "True Nature", an assortment of vocals, guitars and sheer revelry that will leave you head-banging all the way from start to end. The next track, "Strays", offers a more melodic approach to flow into a hard-driving bass and guitar. Other songs are "The Price I Pay", which opens up with a softer ballad feel and, when you least expect it, bowls you over with some of the most catchy, hard-hitting bass lines you've heard in a long while. Other songs worth a listen are the riff-heavy "The Riches", and the awesome "Wrong Girl", where frankly, the thing that caught my fancy (apart from the fantastic riffs) was the amazing guitar tone. There is also the acoustic and vocally appealing "Everybody's Friend".

What caught my attention from the very beginning, was the fact that unlike most new rock and metal bands today, Jane's Addiction go one step further and rekindle "true rock" in their music. All in all, this album is a must buy for all rockers!

This article was first published on19 Aug 2003.