Destiny's Child

Pop and new-age music, set to the violin.

Known primarily for her work with the violin, Vanessa-Mae's fusion of pop and classical music has won her fans all over the worls, particularly in England and South Asia. Her latest album, "Subject To Change", carries on in the same mold, setting pop and new age music to the violin.

The album opens with "Yantra", a moody tribute to world music; this is followed by "White Bird", a remake of a David and Linda LaFlamme song from the 60s, and the peppy, swooping "Destiny". Influences from Spain, the Middle East and South America combine in "Picante" and "Pasha", while Vanessa-Mae adds vocals to the dance beats of "Love Is Only A Game" and the smoothly-soulful "Jamais". All in all, a good bet for fans of new-age instrumental music.

This article was first published on18 Jul 2001.