Kissed By An Angel

The operative word for "Sweet Kisses" is "sweet"...

First came Britney Spears, closely followed by Christina Aguilera. And it's now the turn of yet another teenager to make the pop charts - Jessica Simpson, with her debut album "Sweet Kisses" looks set to enjoy quite a substantial amount of time on the music hit list, given the success of her first single "I Wanna Love You Forever".

Perhaps the operative word for "Sweet Kisses" is "sweet" - everything about this album is overpoweringly sweet, from the titles of the tracks ["My Wonderful", "Heart Of Innocence"] to the lyrics themselves. Jessica Simpson herself is only nineteen, and so you obviously shouldn't expect anything path-breaking; by and large, the songs are enjoyable, peppy and definitely listenable. Gospel, pop and dance tracks are included, and there's also a duet with a 98 Degrees frontman.

This article was first published on22 Mar 2000.