Doing The Tango

A collection of energy-packed tango remixes.

Bursting at its plastic seams with popular dance tracks, and one lone case of rock ("Fire Starter"), "Tango" has Bob Marley’s "Sun Is Shining", "King Of My Castle", "Bailamos", "We Like To Party" and "Ooh La La"...and those are only among the first couple of tracks. There’s also the "Rigga Ding Song", "Shy Guy", "Mambo Italiano", "Beautiful Stranger" and "Hotstepper".

Come to think of it, the cover track "Tango" opens and closes the album, making this a total of 39 tracks. Either way, if you want to dance, and care little about the antiquity of the song, buy this album

This article was first published on18 Mar 2003.