Music From the Movies

A fairly good selection of popular movie songs.

The first edition of the movie songs was quite good and thankfully, its sequel follows that tradition.

There are a number of songs from varied movies, ranging from the 70's to the recent90's. The artistes featured too are quite impressive, with Aerosmith, Queen, Savage Garden and a few others finding their way here. Songs like "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing", "Purple Rain" and "The Animal Song" light up the first side. The second side is a little glamour-shorn except for the old classic "Video Killed The Radio Star" (Presidents of the U.S.A.). However, on the whole the selection of songs is quite decent and not like most hastily put together compilations.

This is a decent album to have in your collection and there isn't too much shame. The choice of songs should belie that fear of yours.

This article was first published on17 Aug 2000.