Captain On Board

A faintly husky, Southern drawl set to typical country music.

Any bar in Texas. That's where you can picture Australian singer Chambers singing in her faintly husky, Southern drawl to typical country music - drums, a twanging guitar and a fiddle.

Some of the cute tracks are "The Flower", a sweet love song, "We're All Gonna Die Someday", a hilarious ditty; and "Cry Like A Baby", a surefire hit. "Southern Kind Of Life", "Mr. Baylis" and "Last Hard Bible" ring with home truths through themes like loneliness, values and the uselessness of money.

The lyrics to all the songs are simple and rhyme with the ease of nursery poems.

The album contains a varied mix of songs on love and life and the general mood of the collection is upbeat. The support singers who provide Chambers with "vocal harmony" do an exceptionally good job in all the songs.

People addicted to country music - no harm in trying this one out.

This article was first published on20 Sep 2000.