Smooth Like Scotch

This Scottish group offers a happy mix of guitar, drums and melody.

The popular Scottish group has amalgamated guitar and light drums in its latest album "The Man Who".

The album is a collection of songs that fall into the category of soft rock, with "Writing To Reach You", "Driftwood" and "Why Does It Always Rain On Me?" being the most memorable of the lot. All their tunes are smooth, soft and melodious.

Originally formed in 1990, the band has carved quite a niche for itself in its three years of existence. "The Man Who" went straight to the top of charts everywhere on its release in 1999 and also won itself and the band "Best Album" and "Best Group" prizes at the 2000 Brit Awards.

Though contemporary, their music is rather unique and individualistic in its expression, commanding a select but rapt fan following.

This article was first published on12 Jun 2000.