The Vengabus Rolls On

Party beats with inane lyrics? Yup, the Vengaboys are back.

Vengaboys is one of the most happening bands amongst the youth and this is their latest offering to their fans.

The strength of the band lies in the ability to produce songs of hummable quality and trendy beats. The same factors are in play here. There are not too many songs and most of the ones are quite passable. Their reworking of "Sha-La-La" is better on audio than with that horrible video. Songs like "Uncle John" save the album a little bit but then "The Computer Song" simply makes the issue a hopeless one. Most of the lyrics are inane and their repetitive nature makes them seem all the more idiotic.

However, that does not mean that the songs are not good enough for parties. The numbers are popular not for classy value but for mass appeal and so playing them at parties is fine. Just make sure there are lots of people and nobody listens to the lyrics too much.

This article was first published on17 Aug 2000.