Two To Tango

This Louis Armstrong collection is sure to win him a new generation of fans.

Often thought of as the King of Jazz, Armstrong popularised a music style that experienced its Golden Era from the 1920s to the mid forties. This much-imitated trumpeter paved the way for new styles and techniques in jazz singing and gained worldwide acclaim while doing it.

In this assortment of delectable hit tracks, the ones that stand out are "What A Wonderful World", "Hello Dolly!", "The Dummy Song", "When You're Smiling (The Whole World Smiles With You)", "Sitting In the Sun", "High Society" (which is instrumental), and "Takes Two To Tango".

Armstrong's celebrated, deep-throated, tuneful growl is enchanting. His voice conveys his innate understanding of melody and rhythm and his music contains a simplistic optimism that is contagious. He can put a smile on any face, and this ability, coupled with his skill on the trumpet, has made him evergreen. His legion of fans increases with every generation of music lovers.

So, while listening to this album, throw away your cares and in the lyrics of the master, " the tango, the dance of love..."!

This article was first published on12 Jul 2000.