Purple Rain

A compilation of classic Deep Purple tracks.

As you trudge along the hallowed halls of fame, you would inevitably have to pay homage to the gods. Deep Purple has been around for a long time and their legacy is an irreplaceable part of classic rock and roll. The tracks on this album are a compilation of some of Purple's greatest hits since the 60s and 70s.

The playlist constitutes about eighteen celebrated tracks and span an era of (at least) a couple of decades of live decadence. The 1968 re-master of "Hush" is a perfect example and is followed by other powerful songs like "Fireball", "Smoke On The Water", "Child in Time" and "StormBringer". Most of these editions are studio cuts that have been digitally re-touched and packaged. The celebrated "Highway Star" supersedes all natural expectations and Richie Blackmore's tingling guitar riffs are as turbulent as they are innovative.

Virgin Record's Special Edition for India brings you the finest Deep Purple re-masters and classics that make great music and will resonate forever in stadiums and car stereos around the world.

This article was first published on02 May 2001.