Daddy Cool

Pleasant, rhythmic and sentimental ballads for the Christmas season.

There used to be a time when people had one particular band they wanted to listen to when they wanted to get in the groove. Yep, I'm talking about Boney M - the band that gave us songs like "Rasputin". And this album is a collection of some of their best smooth sounding songs.

The album - a collection of 21 songs - is a wonderful way to spend your evening. The music is pleasant, rhythmic and very sentimental. For my money, Side A is definitely the better one. It has songs like the haunting "Somewhere in the World", the soft "Consuela Biaz" and the experimental "10,000 Light Years". That does not mean there aren't any good songs on the other side, because there's "When A Child Is Born" and - the best of the lot - "Rivers of Babylon". All of these are very attractive songs.

The selection of songs is good and the tempo is kept up all the time. Though the feel is very Spanish, you can't help but connect with the lyrics. This is a good album to pick up during these holidays.

This article was first published on10 Jan 2001.