Synthetically-manufactured symphonies for the trance fan.

Roll over Beethoven, the trance-cians have arrived, in a collection that places twenty synthetically manufactured symphonies at the listener's disposal.

The tracks do lend themselves to dancing since the drums are all racy. "Cyberia" by DJ Quicksilver moves up and down the whole range of beats and paces, almost sounding like a manual in rhythm. "Saltwater" by Chicane, "Back In My Life (Thrillseekers' Mix)" by Alice Deejay and the inevitable "Sandstorm" by Darude are all listenable. "Arabian Pleasure (On Air Mix)" by Mario Piu and Mauro Ricotto is distinctive, spiced as it is with an eastern touch provided by the singing and bits of flute-playing.

"Mull Of Hintyre (The Battle) (DJ Quicksilver Video Mix)", by Watergate, stands out with its use of Scottish bagpipes right at the start of the track. DJ Stelvio's "Star Wars Theme" contains easily recognisable strains of the theme fused with the techno-dazzle of the rest of the song. "Oh Fortuna" by the same artist has mixed the theme of the movie "Omen", with the usual speedy drums.

Eventually, all the songs start sounding the same, losing their distinctiveness in a haze of similar sounding rhythms, beats, breaks and mixing techniques. Still, this album is ideal for an office or house party. Lay out the food and drinks, dim the lights and start the music - and you have a ready-made formula for fun.

This article was first published on13 Nov 2000.