In A Trance

Repetitive beats and synthesized sounds make this album a bore.

The world of discotheques now survive on the phenomenon that is Trance music. Which is why we see such a plethora of albums like this, all offered to propitiate the worshippers of this entity.

This album is one continuous sojourn through the realm of repetitive beats, vague synthesizer simulated noises and maybe a few lyrics. Since there’s not much to differentiate between the various numbers, any number that’s semi-normal seems like a masterpiece.

Of course, heard separately, a couple of numbers do stick out. These would be "Feel The Beat" by Darude; "We Are Alive" by Paul Van Dyck; "Celebrate Our Love" by Alice Deejay; and "Operation Blade" by Public Domain. The others are just about average, and quite standard for the genre.

This article was first published on15 Sep 2001.