Tranced Out

A collection of psychedelic beats perfect for your next party.

Focus those strobes and start to salute, for Trance Nation is now independent! 

An acidic composition of some of the favourites of shadow haunts and caustic psychedelia, this bomb is just about ready to blow. Opening to Fatboy Slim’s "Ya Mamma", and sliding smoothly into "Kernkraft 400" by Zombie Nation, it only gets better with Prodigy’s "Narayan", by which time you’re living a different world in your head. The tempo is continuously climbing, and takes on a more oriental tune with "Indian Summer" by System F and "Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (Heart Of Asia)" by Watergate.

"You Are Alive" by Fragma, is the newest of the lot and skirts a pretty used line, making it part of the music here that belnds slightly with its sister tracks. "I Feel Love" by CRW is pretty cool in its new avatar. "Operation Blade" by Public Domain has long been the underground anthem of downtown London, and is one of the better tracks of this album.

This article was first published on02 Jan 2002.