Doing The Samba

Shake your bon-bon with this compilation of Latino hits.

What do you get when you have a compilation of fifteen dance tracks, featuring some of the most famous names in Latino music? You get the perfect party album!

For those of you into Latino music, maidens, and men, this album offers you the perfect selection, ranging from the more authentic and traditional acoustic Latino songs to the more hip/teenybopper dance floor tunes. Ranging from Gloria Estefan's flexible vocal chords to Ricky Martin's pendulum-paced "bon-bon", this album is 100% Latino. The album features songs from the above, as well as Shakira, Chayanne, Marc Anthony, and other popular artistes of this genre.

All in all, a good deal for dance addicts, and those of you who prefer package deals in music rather than individual artist compilations. It also serves up the perfect party favour for all those of you looking at throwing that Latino-themed dance bash.

This article was first published on17 Nov 2003.