Treading The Middle Path

Westlife's debut album could do with a little

To say that this group is a disaster would be a little unfair, and more importantly, it would cost me my job. But, that doesn't mean they are the King's ransom, either. So, bowing my humble self down to Buddha's superior wisdom I choose the Middle Path. The group is okay.

The thing is they're too much like everybody else - there're bits of Boyzone and Backstreet Boys and everything in their music. This prevents their own style from emerging. Also, they're too young - 18 seemed an alright age for Aguilera to make her debut, but not for these guys.

Despite the general lacklustreness of the whole album, one song really worth listening to is "More than Words". The lyrics in it are good.

We hope that this album marks only the beginning of a potentially successful music career for a very promising group. We wish them luck and hope to catch up with them in a few years' time.

This article was first published on01 May 2000.