Who Needs A Guitar Anyway?

An album aimed primarily at pubcrawlers.

Alice Deejay is a group formed apparently by a chance meeting of its members on a dance floor. That should be enough indication of what the music is going to be like.

Headed by former DJ Judy, the songs are aimed primarily and exclusively at pub-hoppers and the like. The music has a lot of the usual trance and techno-beats. There are more vocals than usually heard, but they are muffled by the music and are almost unimportant. However, a few numbers do shine through. For our money, the title song is the best in the whole album. A few of the other good ones are "The Lonely One", "Will I Ever" And "Better Off Alone". The rest of the songs are just passable dance numbers.

The album is decent, but then there isn't too much to expect from it in the first place. So, if all you need is something to keep your party going, here's the album for you.

This article was first published on27 Sep 2000.