Free Willy

Songs with clarity and depth, by a group that never fails to surprise.

There are very few bands that can claim to produce good music without the aid of suggestive lyrics, excessive instrumental experimentation and other add-ons for as long as CCR has. And that’s what so amazing about them.

This is a re-release of their fourth album, originally released in 1969. The album has a lot of numbers that you’ve probably heard all over the place, but never attributed to CCR. The album takes off on the right note, with the very funky "Down On The Corner", a number whose catchy beat has spawned numerous clones. Then you have the epitome of 60’s music in "Fortunate Son", which brings back memories of `Nam and Forrest Gump. The slow harmony of the harmonica is exemplified in "Feelin’ Blue", whilst "The Midnight Special" gives off a very Southern feel. Throw in "Cotton Fields" and "Don’t Look Now", and it’s easy to understand why this album was such a hit.

The songs are superb and the quality of this band is peerless. The songs, written in the time of psychedelic rock, funk and drugs, retain a clarity and simplicity about the them that is eminently fulfilling.

This article was first published on10 Sep 2001.